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Eternal Candle FlameThe passing of a loved one is always one of the hardest times we face in life. We hold candle lighting vigils outdoors, in churches and even light candles online to honor their memory. We do this to respect their contribution in our lives and the lives of others. We miss them so much. So why would we let their passing get lost in a traditional photo album or static picture frame with impersonal, non characteristic engraving. Instead, keep their memories alive and celebrate their life with the new patent pending Electric Memorial Candle which features the Electric Eternal Flame Candle with Smart View Technology. It’s a living and beautiful tribute as friends, family members, and guests relive precious memories as your departed loved one watch in spirit from above. Just insert your departed loved one's photo (which may be changed regularly to commemorate an anniversary or other special occasion) in the gold frame, and switch on the flame-like bulb. You’ll feel a sense of peace as the candle's warm flickering glow fills the room.
I will always be with YOU!

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Light A Candle! Safely burns a continuous candle flame for your loved one.

memorial-flower-liliesFeatures:NEW!Peaceful white lilies in two custom high-gloss white vases with gold rings set atop a Rosewood piano finished base which measures 10"×7"×"½ inches | Candle ID Number used for online condolences | Electric Eternal Flame Candle with Smart View Technology | Electric Memorial Candle excepts frame sizes up to 7" x 9" inches | Engravable Memorial Plaque | UL listed for INDOOR USE ONLY | Bulbs are cool burning | 6' foot power cord | Designed for use on 110 - 120 volt circuit | Safety plug with replaceable fuse | Used by all Faiths. A true generational keepsake.
Memorial Piano Finish
High Luster Piano Finish
Your beloved one deserves the best representation of their remembrance which is why every Electric Memorial Candle is given a high luster piano fisish that sets it apart from any memorial available on the market.
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memorial horn><font size= If you couldn't attend or say goodbye at the funeral service? Say it here!

Free memorial pageComing Soon FREE Electric Memorial Candle Condolence Page.  Learning the untimely passing of a family member, close friend, classmate, or colleague can be so unexpected. Not being able to attend the funeral service due to limited finances, illness, travel and lodging expenses, scheduled vacation, incarceration, or serving in the military are just a few personal reasons we've uncovered. Read more...

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Memorial Tee Shirts
Family, Community, Candle Vigils Tee Shirt
Our loved one may no longer be with us but celebrating their life by joining together in support strengthens us as one family.. Celebrate by publicly displaying your love as a group with this “I will never forget you” tee shirt with your loved one’s favorite photo displayed in this one of a kind keepsake. Learn more
Wallpaper Memorials
Computer Screen Wallpaper
Display your loss loved one on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop. A personal tribute you can take with you. Coming Soon
memorial travel case
It Travels!
Take your dearly departed with you in this good quality travel case. Sometimes during the healing process it's best to get away from familiar surroundings. In spirit your beloved can be right there with you. The case can also hold your beloved's photo frame. It will hold frames sizes up to 6 x 8 inches. Use it for your beloved to attend weddings, family reunions, or at the funeral service itself. Your loved one may not be here physically but in spirit they will always be with you. Order
funeral pre planning
Funeral Pre-Planning Conversation
The talk of death and funeral arrangement can be sensitive to some but the reality is we will all pass away. How we will be remembered can bring about a healthly, less stressful conversation. Let us show you how! Learn more

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